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We lost you today...

Tonight as I write this sadness fills my heart... Mamaw you will be missed so.

My Mamaw was from Germany she had many stories to tell about her childhood there. I remember her telling me about the times she would ice skate to school and in the summers swim the Danube river on your 2 hour lunch breaks. The bomb during WWII that exploded within feet of her but she came through unharmed.

I remember every Sunday after church we would come eat lunch at your house where you could find a never ending tray of fried chicken or spare ribs, you made the best spare ribs. After lunch many times we would go for a Sunday drive oh the places we would go, the Blue Ridge Parkway, down by the river to hunt for rubies, the list was endless.

Every Christmas I remember sitting at the table with you making Christmas ornaments for the tree a tree that would appear to have exploded there were so many gifts under it for my and my sister. The Marklin train set that you would always add to every year with new train cars from Germany (whoever stole that train set shame on you) we never told her it was stolen she would have been heartbroken.

I remember our trip to Germany where you showed me the church you an Papaw were married in and the river you swam when you were a teenager. Met family I didn't realize I had and found a place that felt like home.

Time passed you had gotten older Papaw had passed and you were aging, I remember staying many weekends with you helping to take care of you when you couldn't do it yourself but what good times and laughs we had. It wasn't always fun being away from my wife and kids but sometimes life just happens and we to make the best of it. You would sit and knit for hours making "stocking caps" for all of us and clothes for the doll babies.

I remember sharing the bible and Jesus with you not too long ago where you accepted Jesus as your savior! I saw you just this weekend Mamaw and this morning you left us. I'm sure Papaw and Aunt Marie were there waiting on you with smiles and I will see you again in Heaven one day. But you sure left an empty place in my heart here so until that day I see you again fly little angel, I love you so.

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