Title: Moonrise over the Blue Ridge 
When I was younger I would often wonder why our mountain range was called the Blue Ridge.  But after spending time photographing these beautiful creations it was evident.


The Blue Ridge Mountains get their name from the fact that they often appear bluish in color from a distance. The reason for this blue appearance comes from the numerous trees that grow in the soils of the mountains. Many trees in the region (especially oaks) release a chemical called isoprene. Isoprene acts as an aerosol when mixed with other chemicals in the atmosphere and creates a haze in the air above the trees, making the mountains appear blue.
        >  Size 12 x24 Inches plus frame aprox. 16x29 inches
        >  Original oil painting - there is only one and will never be duplicated as an original
        >  Frame is from a local frame shop here in Asheville NC (Dark Mohogany Frame w/Silver)
        >  Wire hanger included ready to hang

Moonrise over the Blue Ridge


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