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Beautiful Storms

TITLE: BEAUTIFUL STORMS (2014) BUY NOW Beautiful Storms and Bare Bones Learning to see the beauty through the darkened rain. Feel the peace of the storm as it washes everything from me. Closing my eyes and feeling the drops on my eyelids as my tears get mixed in. Letting the hurricane take away my weakness in order to make me stronger. Making me bare, only my bones are seen through the downpour of rain. I will trust you Lord for you are King of the skies that bring the storms. As I become weak you become my only strength. I will trust you for you're all that is faithful and true. Poem by Anne 3 Black Birds awaiting the pending storm on the horizon. A Photograph Giclee Print on canvas taken at Topsail Island along the Coast of North Carolina. Print on Stretched Canvas, Signed with Hanger included and ready to hang. *White Frame is for display ONLY not included SIZE Options: 8" x 14" x 1.5" $85 16" x 28" x 1.5" $175 24" x 42" x 1.5" $300

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