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Belle Painting #17 of 2016 This painting begin as a couple of layers of leftovers from earlier weeks paintings. I always try not to waste paint so I will usually use a pallet knife on a blank canvas to spread the extras from paintings in progress. Over the weekend I sat for an hour or two rummaging through images trying to determine what to paint without much inspiration. All the while this little canvas with all the leftovers from other paintings lay in front of me when I saw her face through the abstract layers of leftovers. The face you see was the Belle face that I saw in the abstract leftovers. Enjoy! Gray Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas Ready to Hang or Stand Sides are painted black 1.5" deep SIZE: 8x10 inches NO FRAME NECESSARY ART PAPER PRINTS ALSO AVAILABLE: Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions! BACK TO THE SHOP: WEBSITE: ********************************** COME ON LETS CONNECT!!! ***************************************** FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK TOO! FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

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