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Lost images on your memory card? Read this...

You just finished up your latest photo session, the light was right the model was beautiful and you just cant wait to get back and kill the edits. Insert the memory card and Lightroom has no idea what you want to edit because all your images are gone... You remove the card and insert it back into your camera and nothing.

Then your heart sinks to your feet.... well at least mine sure did.

This just happened to me for the first time on a family Christmas tree gathering photo session. I know the images were on the card because I scrolled through a few of them during the session checking exposure etc. but when I went to upload to Lightroom they had disappeared, nothing, nada.

Well try these guys and see if this will help! I don't know who this company is and am not affiliated with them in any way but thought this may help someone else as it did me and its Free.

The link takes you to the web page that describes the procedure used to recover photos stored on the digital camera memory card if

  • the images were deleted before copying to the PC

  • the card was accidentally formatted

  • some camera failure occurred and the images are not accessible any longer

Current version (ZAR X) supports digital photo recovery for the following file formats: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, CRW (Canon RAW data), MOV, AVI movie, WAV, CR2 (Canon CR2 RAW format), ORF (Olympus RAW format) and most of the digital camera models.

As for Canon .CR2 raw format, the following is known thanks to Jeff of Jeff Berner Photography and Art:

ZA Digital Image Recovery recovers Canon .CR2 files as TIFF. To open recovered files, Jeff used Photoshop CS "Open With" feature, which allows to specify image format override.


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