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A Painting A Day | The Beginning of A Painting Every Day

The beginning... So I have been reading a book for artist and diffrent ways to become sucessful doing what you enjoy most. As many of you already know my goal is to become a full time artist. Not a small undertaking but such a rewarding journey so far! Anyway so in this book I have been reading he interviews sucessfull artist on how they have become sucessful doing what they love. One way that has peaked my interest has been 'A Painting A Day'. They would paint generally small paintings of 12" or smaller and post them on Etsy or Ebay and sell most around the range of $50. So today September 1, 2014 I begin my journey of a painting a day. My paintings will begin as Abstract Landscapes and from there... well at this point I dont know but will keep you posted as the journey unfolds. My plan is to do a painting a day 5 days a week until the end of the year. At that point I will reasses and possibly continue into the new year. All of my paintings at this point will be posted onto Etsy for sale.


12"x12"x.75" Gallery Wrapped Canvas


1 smallcopy.jpg

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