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A Painting A Day | The Beginning of A Painting Every Day

The beginning... So I have been reading a book for artist and diffrent ways to become sucessful doing what you enjoy most. As many of you already know my goal is to become a full time artist. Not a small undertaking but such a rewarding journey so far! Anyway so in this book I have been reading he interviews sucessfull artist on how they have become sucessful doing what they love. One way that has peaked my interest has been 'A Painting A Day'. They would paint generally small paintings of 12" or smaller and post them on Etsy or Ebay and sell most around the range of $50. So today September 1, 2014 I begin my journey of a painting a day. My paintings will begin as Abstract Landscapes and from there... well at this point I dont know but will keep you posted as the journey unfolds. My plan is to do a painting a day 5 days a week until the end of the year. At that point I will reasses and possibly continue into the new year. All of my paintings at this point will be posted onto Etsy for sale.


Fall in the Mountains

12"x12"x.75" Gallery Wrapped Canvas


1 smallcopy.jpg

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